To run CyberTank:

  1. Sign up on the website.
  2. Download and install CyberTank. Close the game before installing CyberTank.
  3. Buy a key for 150 or 1500 fights. To do this, use the large buttons on the home page.
  4. Launch CyberTank. Enter your key (1) in the window. It will be available on the “My Keys” page after the purchase.
  5. Press the activation button (2). If the key is correctly entered and the activation was successful, you will see the number of battles available according to the acquired key. (3).
  6. Start the game. See the “Ready”(4) when CyberTank is ready.

CyberTank auto aim mode:

  • This mode helps the player to aim during the battle, while the tank is still controlled by the player. The player only needs to choose the enemy and capture the target using the right mouse button. CyberTank will look for the enemy’s weaknesses, take preemptive measures and monitor the enemy.
  • To start this mode you need to make sure that the key is activated, the game has started, and CyberTank is ready for battle.
    1. Choose “Start auto aiming”(5).
    2. Then switch to the game and go into the battle.

    CyberTank automatic mode:

  • This mode allows to completely replace the player, his actions in the hangar and in fight. The initial setup is needed.
  • To start this mode make sure the key is activated, the game is started, CyberTank is ready for battle.
    1. When CyberTank is ready and the game is running, switch to the game and go to the game hangar to make CyberTank “see” your tanks.
    2. Switch to CyberTank and go to settings (6) (Detailed description of the settings will be listed below). Select the tab “tanks”, and find the list of your tanks from the hangar. Set the tank’s priorities and save the settings.
    3. Press the “Start auto playing” button (7) and switch back to the game.

    4. If everything is done correctly, CyberTank will get to work. The game window should be active, otherwise CyberTank will let you know that “WoT window isn’t active!”.

    General setting:

    • Number of battles during the period – The number of fights for a period is the maximum allowable number of fights for a certain period, for example, per day. When CyberTank uses all the fights, it will start waiting for the next period. The setting makes the CyberTank actions look more human. Continuous 24/7 game is a sign of the bot playing.
    • period length (min) – is the period of time to set the number of fights (the previous setting). It is set to 24 hours by default.
    • Number of battles before pause – fighting can also have breaks. This option determines how many fights in a row will take place in the period before they are interrupted by a break.
    • Pause length (min) – the number of minutes in the break.
    • Pause between battles (sec) – is the minimum pause between successive battles.
    • Keep WoT started – this option makes CyberTank start the game again if it happens to shut down for any reason. It is useful if the game client work is unstable.
    • Restart WoT after every (min) – you can set the time for the scheduled restart of the game, is helpful if some problems with the game occur.
    • Disable graphics – disable the graphics in the game. Reduces the computer workload, temperature and the sound of working coolers.
    • Control camera in battle – enables the movement of the game camera, as does the player when fighting.
    • Interface control – this option determines the CyberTank behavior and its interaction with the operation with the user interface of the game.The way CyberTank chooses tanks, presses the menu buttons, closes the game windows, etc. There are several modes of operation:
      “Recognition” – In this mode, CyberTank will interact with the game interface using computer vision and the mouse.It will select the desired item in the game window (hangar or menu) and click on it with the mouse, as does the player. In this way, CyberTank is better disguised and is less likely to be detected.
      “Script” – CyberTank mode of interaction with the game interface directly through the program code and the built-in scripts. In contrast to the “Recognition” this way of interacting is more reliable and protected from failure.
      “Script + Recognition” – Combined mode. In cases when” Recognition “does not work, the “Script” will be used.
    • Disable game mods – starts the game without modifications(recommended).
    • Run just after start – this option forces the bot to automatically start the game immediately after the launch. The user does not need to press “Start auto play”.
    • Watch the chat about bot detection – looks through the chat for any suspicious messages. Messages can be seen on the “My Keys” page.

    Tank settings:

    • Priority – the priority sets the frequency of a specific tank selection to fight.The higher it is, the more often the tank will fight. It is reasonable to set a higher priority for those tanks bringing more income. If the priority is set to “x2 only”, the tank will only play if it has not spent the additional “Experience for the first victory in the day”.
    • Caution – is the parameter of detector danger of the tank.
    • Aiming – good aiming takes time and helps to get the best results in fight.
      The longer and better you aim- the more time has the enemy to escape or to fight back. This setting determines accuracy and time spent on aiming by CyberTank before firing at the enemy. For example, if the “Aiming ” is set to minimal, CyberTank will not wait for the best chance to hit, and will immediately shoot at the target.
    • Use only safe ways – CyberTank will avoid the most dangerous places(or places that can be easily reached by the shooting enemy) on the map during the battle.