my wn8 222 this bot is very bad ? idk help pls

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  • hi)

    1) for M44 and all other arty options google translate and read this
    arty is the best thank to play with CT: CT can get 1 Mark of Excellence on most of them and plays better than 75% humans on some of them)

    2) some elements are hard to recognise, especially temporary or new elements from events, or rental\event tanks icons.
    so sometimes CT uses scripts instead of recognition and it is normal.
    in your case it should be because of rental T34-85M (for good settings for t34 look here: )
    but if you see too many such a messages there may be some problem with your graphic settings.

    3) for better statistics it is better to use specific settings for each tank.
    good settings for most of the tanks you can find using search or in specific topics here
    but dont demand from a bot to play better than average human) average human has 45-48% wins and 300-600 wn8)

    4) and you WoT client should be clean(no mods), minimal graphic settings, in borderless windowed mode 1024*768.
    only standard random battles - no assaults and other things.
    default controls settings in WoT.
    In the client settings, it is recommended to disable x16x25 zoom, server sight, effects in sniper mode
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  • yeah i also noticed the bot doesnt play as good as it used to. back in 2016/2017 it would definitely get better results. now it mostly gets <350 wn8 in tanks, however it does play very well in arty. maybe that is because of all the changes that happened in wot during the last few years, i dont know. but at least it seems like it got more safe to use. i didnt get a ban in more than 2 years and im botting almost 24/7.
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  • jozonatorko писал(а):@talvisota1997 - are you spending some money on your current account? Are you buying yourself some gold or premiums? Or you never spend anything on your currect account?

    on my bot account i only spent money once, and that was to buy lefh arty about 2 years ago. apart from that i didnt spend money on that account
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