New! CyberTank 0.4.8!

We are pleased to present you the new version of
CyberTank – bot for World of Tanks,
which contains significant improvements


CyberShip 2.1.4!

Today an update of CyberShip 2.1.4 – bot for World of Warships was released, which restores compatibility with the new version of the game.


What is CyberShip?
Cybership is a bot for World of Warships that automates the upgrade and game silver farming.Using the CyberShip for farming will allow you to play the top warships and to have extra experience

Cybership is a useful mod for Wows that will help you to aim at enemy warships and hit them with the first shot. CyberShip auto aim for World of Warships will make your gameplay comfortable and effective. You will receive more rewards, perform personal missions faster, and your statistics will be at the high level. This feature is free!

What does the CyberShip do?

  • The bot can operate destroyers, cruisers and battleships.
  • Accurate shooting. Instant visible enemy detection and attack. CyberShip is able to shoot well at all moving enemies, predicting target movement for aiming.
  • Successful torpedoes usage, avoiding enemy torpedoes.
  • CyberShip has a caution setting for each warship that effects its behavior.
  • CyberShip is great at navigating maps, in each situation he chooses the best location to attack the enemy.
  • Use of equipment: repair the ship, regeneration health, smoke generator, engine boost, barrage fire and fighter.
  • Capture control points on the map.
  • It has the setting to manage the priority of each ship to join the battle.
  • Ability to set a pause between battles, and to set the maximum number of battles per day.
  • Bot is able to enter the game automatically, can wait when a temporary loss of internet connection takes place.
  • And much more.