Cyber Ship 2.1

Hello to all lovers of naval battles!
Today we would like to present you a new version of CyberShip 2.1 – a bot for World of Warships, which contains significant improvements:

  • Introduced setting Caution individual for each ship.
  • Using the Smoke Generator and Engine Boost. CyberShip can use consumables regardless of the settings of the control buttons.
  • Improved launch of torpedoes.
  • Improved torpedo evasion, including passing through a row of torpedoes.
  • Correcting many behavior flaws.

Small update 2.1.1 fixes the bug of saving the Caution setting.

Free testing continues, but soon the use of CyberShip will be paid, which we will notify in advance, stay tuned.
We wish everyone successful farming and fast leveling in World of Warships!

Cyber Ship 2.0.4

Hello everybody!

CyberShip 2.0.4 update has been released, it restores compatibility with World of Warships 9.10.
In addition, in the near future we are preparing an update to CyberShip that improves its combat logic and introduces “caution” setting for ships, stay tuned!

Free testing continues.


CyberTank has been released with the following changes:

  • Fixed setting “Number of battles for a period”, now it is taken into account as the maximum number of battles for one account, but not for all. Configure it as before on the basis of one account.
  • Added a warning that when using account switching, you cannot delete accounts from Game Center, otherwise you will have to re-fill the entire list.
  • Fixed a performance issue.

Cyber Tank

Hi, everybody!
CyberTank update has been released.
In this update we are pleased to present you the long-awaited feature for automatic switching of game accounts! With it, you will be able to configure the list of accounts and the number of battles before switching, so you can conveniently and safely boost multiple recruits.

Besides, we made it possible to set tank priorities separately for each account. That is, one and the same tank may have different priorities on different accounts. This also makes it easier to use a bot for several accounts.