Greetings to all fans of tank battles!
Today we are pleased to present you CyberTank – bot for World of Tanks,
which contains significant improvements:

Improvement of the account switch

  • It is now possible to limit the game on each account not only by battles, but also by time
  • It is possible to set the limit for the number of battles and game time per day
  • There is an option to go on hold after completing the list of accounts

You can read more in the manual

Improvement of artillery playing

  • There are several parking spots on each map
  • Bot changes position when triggered perk Sixth sense or when detected enemy nearby
  • Shoot on the moving and disappearing enemies in the case of a high hit probability
  • Limiting the tracking of light tanks

Other improvements

  • Added ability to select servers on which CT will play (if they are available)
  • Hot key to stop CT after battle: CtrlShiftS
  • Prohibit simultaneous launch of two KTs

Happy New Year 2021

The Cyber Tank team wishes all its users a Happy New Year!

In the year 2021 we wish you and your loved ones health and prosperity, good luck and success in all your endeavors!
And in the good old tradition, Santa Claus did not forget to give all our users a key to CyberTank and CyberShip 🙂

Santa Claus

CyberShip 2.1.2

Hi all lovers of sea battles!

Today we would like to present you CyberShip 2.1.2 – a bot for World of Warships, which contains following:

  • Activation of the “Barrage Fire” and “Fighter” consumables in case of enemy air attack.
  • Fixing some bugs.

Warning! Starting with this version CyberShip goes to paid mode. Be careful, now the bot spends battles!

You can use regular keys that fit to CyberTank or buy cheaper keys specifically for CyberShip, to buy them go to the main page of the CyberShip project.


Attention, starting from 28.12.2020 CyberShip will switch to a paid mode, be careful! Auto-aim mode remains free. Please note that for CyberShip we have made special keys that do not fit CyberTank, but are cheaper than regular keys. Regular keys fit both CyberShip and CyberTank.

Cyber Ship 2.1

Hello to all lovers of naval battles!
Today we would like to present you a new version of CyberShip 2.1 – a bot for World of Warships, which contains significant improvements:

  • Introduced setting Caution individual for each ship.
  • Using the Smoke Generator and Engine Boost. CyberShip can use consumables regardless of the settings of the control buttons.
  • Improved launch of torpedoes.
  • Improved torpedo evasion, including passing through a row of torpedoes.
  • Correcting many behavior flaws.

Small update 2.1.1 fixes the bug of saving the Caution setting.

Free testing continues, but soon the use of CyberShip will be paid, which we will notify in advance, stay tuned.
We wish everyone successful farming and fast leveling in World of Warships!