Greetings to all fans of tank battles!
Today we are pleased to present you CyberTank – bot for World of Tanks,
which contains significant improvements:

Improvement of the account switch

  • It is now possible to limit the game on each account not only by battles, but also by time
  • It is possible to set the limit for the number of battles and game time per day
  • There is an option to go on hold after completing the list of accounts

You can read more in the manual

Improvement of artillery playing

  • There are several parking spots on each map
  • Bot changes position when triggered perk Sixth sense or when detected enemy nearby
  • Shoot on the moving and disappearing enemies in the case of a high hit probability
  • Limiting the tracking of light tanks

Other improvements

  • Added ability to select servers on which CT will play (if they are available)
  • Hot key to stop CT after battle: CtrlShiftS
  • Prohibit simultaneous launch of two KTs