Common test Cyber Ship

Hello to all lovers of sea battles!

Today we have great news for you: we have started the common free test of the new bot CyberShip!
CyberShip will help you to farm silver, grind new ships. Also it’ll help to aim at enemies when you’re playing by yourself.

To start testing CyberShip, click here and download the installer.
It requires a valid key but battles will not be taken for the time of testing!
We will notify you in advance about the end of testing and switch to the paid mode.

In general, GUI, settings and functions are similar to CyberTank.
However, the auto aiming mode is different: in order for CyberShip to help you to make a preemptive shot, focus on the moving target then press the space button and CyberShip will correct the direction of the shot so, that the projectiles are going to fly right into the target.

If you find any problems or errors, please be free to post on the forum.

We wish you a good farm and seven feet under the keel! 🙂