Cyber Tank Miner beta

Hello all!

We would like to present a new interesting opportunity to use CyberTank for free. Perhaps you’ve heard about crypto-currencies and about thr mining, as a way to earn crypto currency using the computing power of your computer. Most people do not have time to deal with these technically complex things. We want to give our users the opportunity to use the mining with a benefit for themselves and in the simplest possible way. Note that this is a completely voluntary option. There are no secret miners inside CyberTank.

The bottom line is this: you run a special program(the so-called miner), enter the CT key into it and start mining, your computer starts to make calculations and earn battles for the key. Ordinarily a computer has the ability to earn about 100 battles per day, and that’s more than enough for using CyberTank. Of course, a lot depends on your video card(mainly the mining uses its resources), but computers with weak video cards do not stay aside, the miner analyzes the capabilities of specific equipment and selects feasible tasks for it.

How to start mining:

  1. Download the miner. Unzip the ZIP-archive and run CyberTankMiner.exe. At the first start, the miner will download the required components.

    Actually these components perform all the work, there are many of them, as they are specific for the specific equipment. Antiviruses can falsely react to some components and delete them, this can lead to malfunctions, we recommend adding the miner and all its components to exceptions.
  2. Enter your CT key.

    If you do not have purchased keys, then you can create one empty key, use a special button in your account.
  3. Press “Start” and at the first start the program suggests you to pass the benchmark of your computer to reveal its capabilities.
  4. The mining will begin immediately after passing the benchmark. After a while after the start, the program will display the speed of earnings in battles. The speed does not reach a maximum immediately, so we recommend not to be upset if low values are initially displayed, and wait at least 15-20 minutes. Charges of battles occur every 30 minutes. Immediately after that they are available for the bot.
  5. Is it possible to mine and use CT simultaneously? Since mining uses the resources of the PC as much as possible, it may not be enough for the game and the bot, in this case there will be a low fps and as a result a bad farm. But there is an opportunity to use CT and the miner in turn, for this you need to tick the “Start mining when idle”, and in the bot settings set a sufficient pause(field “Pause length”)(at least 20 minutes). Then the miner will automatically turn on during CT pause.

Mining statistics are displayed on the site..

Is the mining safe for a computer? There is no unequivocal answer to this question. It depends on the particular computer, its cooling and the mining schedule. We believe that the mining is completely safe for several hours a day if the temperature of the video card does not exceed the permissible limits. Set the maximum temperature (usually it is up to 80 ° C) can be a proprietary video card management utility (ASUS GPU Tweak, MSI Afterburner and the like). Remember that the mining forces your computer to give 100% and you do it with full awareness of the possible risk.

We honestly warn that the miner is still at the beta stage, that is, there are possible errors that we will correct due to your feedback.

Thank you for your attention, we wish you successful mining and farming!