Attention bot users! Due to the current high risk of being banned, we recommend you not to use CyberTank for the most valuable accounts.

What is “Cyber Tank”?
More and more, users are beginning to use modifications of the popular and favorite game “World of Tanks”.
“CyberTank” is an artificial intelligence, a program designed for the automated “Word of tanks” gaming process without any human presence.
You can be busy working or doing anything else while CyberTank will get (farm) you the game silver, experience and improve your crew skills.
Using Cyber tank you will always have enough silver to use 9-10 level tanks.

What does CyberTank do?

  • CyberTank can use any tanks, AT-SPG and SPG(arty).
  • Good marksmanship. CyberTank instantly detects the visible enemy, points the tower at him and starts shooting, choosing the most vulnerable points.
  • CyberTank is able to shoot well at moving enemies, evaluating lead time.
  • CyberTank navigates well at all maps, can drive to any visible enemy and attack him. If no enemies found, it moves together with the allies.
  • CyberTank is able to retreat if the situation becomes more dangerous.
  • CyberTank has a caution setting for each tank which affects its behavior. It also knows how to use a repair kit, first aid kit and fire extinguisher.
  • CyberTank is able to capture the base.
  • CyberTank has a setting to manage the priority of each tank to join the battle.
  • You can set a pause between fights, as well as set the maximum number of fights for a certain period of time.
  • CyberTank is able to enter the game automatically, can wait when a temporary loss of internet connection takes place.
  • CyberTank can restart the game if the game suddenly stops.
  • And much more.

How do I start?

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